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For more than 70 years, Altuglas® acrylic resins have played a vital role in the development of creative & durable solutions in lighting applications.

Following the increasing demand for innovative LED lighting solutions, our team has used extensive experience in lighting & acrylic materials to develop and launch a complete portfolio of dedicated resins, from optically clear to highly diffuse, and reflective. These new families of resins offer unique sets of properties to meet the new technical requirements brought by challenging applications such as: thick optical lenses, efficient light diffusers & reflectors, long light guides...


Altuglas® acrylic resins are broadly used in numerous markets such as architecture & construction, automotive & transportation, lighting, consumer goods & design, electronics, medical, visual communication... A close collaboration with customers for development of new products pushes the Altuglas International teams to constantly innovate to meet all the latest technical needs and specifications.

Altuglas® Diffuse

Altuglas® Diffuse innovative solutions offer a unique set of properties that LED Lighting designers have dreamed of - better diffusion of intense LED point light sources to provide an even illumination, without sacrificing significant light transmission. With Altuglas® Diffuse, luminaires achieve higher lumens/watt efficiency while providing uniform ambient lighting.

Altuglas® Diffuse Families


  • Excellent light diffusion
  • Superior light transmission
  • Choice of smooth or textured surface on extruded lenses
  • Outstanding UV resistance & weatherability

  • Excellent surface gloss & scratch resistance
  • Ease to extrude, injection mold, thermoform & cut
  • Recyclability

Reference Type Tech sheet Download Link
Altuglas Diffuse 101 Material Download
Altuglas Diffuse 301 Material Download
Altuglas Diffuse 502 Material Download
Altuglas Reflect

In LED Lighting systems, a highly reflective enclosure is key to efficiently recycle the light and maximize light output. Altuglas® Reflect has been engineered to achieve maximum reflectivity (or reflectance), without the need for subsequent coating or metallization.

Replacing metallized surface with white PMMA reflector

Altuglas® Reflect possesses Altuglas® resins historical weatherability and durability in harsh environments. While other resins can begin to yellow over time, the Altuglas® Reflect resins maintain their reflective performance and brilliant white appearance over the long term. This long-lasting performance makes Altuglas® Reflect an ideal choice for LED lighting fixtures.

Reference Type Tech sheet Download Link
Altuglas Reflect M31 Material Download
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