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The Fresnel lens is used in automotive rear lamps. It concentrates LED light into a square intensity field, as described in the ECE regulations of signal light functions.
With printing technology the lens does not need to be rotationally symmetric which is a big advantage for styling and optimising the intensity for the two axes of emission.

OPTIS OSD Solutions allow you to calculate Fresnel lens optics within seconds, then collimating a lambertian LED emission into a collimated beam with predefined opening angle.

3D printed Test sample:

Process to apply
  • Access OPTIS OSD (or other SPEOS function) to calculate the lens shape
    In OSD function : Input parameters are LED position, position of the optics, angular intensity
  • Automatically calculate the Fresnel lens steps
  • Apply the Luxexcel’s Material to the CAD:
    Download it from here
    Reference Type Tech sheet Download Link
    LUX Opticlear Material Download
    Apply it to the CAD
  • Conduct simulation
  • Cut the template pillow Optics (for example quadratic) with CAD to free form borders, for example quadratic, elliptic, …
  • Export the result to STEP
  • Transfer this STEP file to Luxexcel by clicking here to upload your file to print it in 3D
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Reference Type Tech sheet Download Link
LUX Opticlear Material Download

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